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What is Server Virtualization?

Server Virtualization in simple words is the process to rebuild a single server into multiple small abstract servers which can be accessed virtually. The Virtualization software helps to accomplish this task that is to divide a single physical server to many isolated virtual servers. The VPS Server Hosting is one example of Server Virtualization. To execute the process of server virtualization there is a light software layer added to the physical computer called the hypervisor. This Hypervisor manages he computers virtualized resources and furnishing them into logical instances called as VM’s or Virtual machines. There are many hypervisors used in cloud computing like the Microsoft Hyper-v, VMware and many more. The VMware server virtualization offers direct ways to simulate the physical systems and establish the virtual computing system. Similarly, the Microsoft Hyper-v precisely provides hardware virtualization. It lets you create virtual hard drives, virtual switches and a number of other virtual devices which can be added to VM’s.

The key Benefits of using server virtualization are:

  • Reduced IT and operating cost
  • High server ability
  • NO much complexity
  • Increased application performance
  • Deploying workload quickly

Will all the Benefits obtained using server virtualization one will surely want to endorse a brighter and more convenient future for their organization. So, wait no more, get in touch with Future Tech Info vision and avail the best of Practical Oriented Training on Server Virtualization

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